“Shirt Off My Back”

    expression; idiom
  1. to do or give everything possible to help someone
  2. to give someone in need the last thing you own
  3. one’s last possession
  4. to be very generous to someone

     “I would give the shirt off my back…
                             then ask if you needed anything else.”

What is SOMB?

SOMB proper noun, singular;abbreviation.                                                           

A FASHION COMPANY WITH A CONSCIENCE, SOMB is known for its hip, California-inspired, beach-meets-street-style vibe—where trendsetting tees, tanks and hoodies make up its clothes-for-a-cause collections.  Made WITH LOVE and meant to be worn with all things life, SOMB abbreviates the widely-used, do good expression in pop-culture, “shirt off my back.”  Born and bred FROM this very mantra, the line’s unconventional materialistic approach is to make a difference in the world… one shirt at a time.  Offering womenswear, menswear, and unisex accessories, comfortable cotton blends are camouflaged with inspirational graphics and pixilated messages unique to SOMB’s inherent identity.  Headquartered in Los Angeles, CALIfornia —SOMB is the trifecta of the City’s sun, surf and street-loving style. 

                                    “For the children of the world, FROM CALI WITH LOVE.”