Eco-Friendly Approach

Why eco-friendly materials?

Looking to the future, it has become increasingly clear that our global community must strive for sustainability if we are to ensure that the Earth's supply of natural resources does not dwindle any further beneath humankind's demand. The transition to a truly sustainable lifestyle and market is on its way, but it won't happen overnight. For now, it's up to individuals and organizations to help fuel the push.

Eco-friendly clothing minimizes the impact of manufacturing on the Earth's natural resources. At SOMB we use organic cotton, polyester recycled from plastic water bottles and man-made fibers derived from sustainable raw materials. We use eco-friendly materials to create clothing that is fashionable, comfortable and socially responsible; then we donate a school uniform.

Through our small actions we can make a big difference.


Certified Organic Cotton

Organic cotton, unlike its non-organic counterpart, is produced pesticide-free. While pesticides effectively rid crops of bugs, rodents and other animals, they also contain harmful chemicals which can seep into the soil and groundwater. Insects and smaller animals typically ingest these chemicals, often causing sickness or death and disruption to the area food chain. Even trace amounts of pesticides can be lethal, which is why it takes five years to obtain organic certification--and why we'll only use certified organic cotton for our 100% Organic Cotton fabric.

Eco-Heather and Eco-Fleece

Our Eco-Heather and Eco-Fleece fabrics take the most innovative approach of our eco-friendly offerings, knitting organic cotton with recycled polyester and rayon to create a material like no other. Eco-fi polyester is made from used bottles which are ground into tiny flakes, extruded into a fiber, and infused into polyester threads. Our rayon comes from plant cellulose, a sustainable source of raw materials. Both Eco-Heather and Eco-Fleece are developed using a mixture of recycled and organic threads alongside traditional ones in order to preserve our signature vintage softness.

Wash and Dye Methods

As part of our unique eco-difference, all SOMB styles are created with low-impact dyes and natural wash methods, as well as biodegradable fabric softeners and natural enzymes for finishing. The dyes used for SOMB do not contain heavy metals or toxic substances and have a high fixation (or absorption) rate, which means using less dye to generate our colors.